Family Law Articles

Plano Divorce Lawyer – Protecting your parental rights and property rights through a Temporary Orders hearing

When most people file for a divorce, they assume the status quo will stay the same–neither spouse will run up huge bills, sell off the hosue, or run off with the kids to another state. But in many counties, if [...]

Richardson Divorce Attorney – Common Law Marriage and How It Affects Divorce and Probate Cases

Many people have heard of the idea of a “Common Law” marriage, but do not really know what it means. It is the idea that, even though a man and a woman did not technically have a marriage ceremony, get [...]

Plano Divorce Attorney – Family Law FAQ

Family Law FAQ What is the Difference Between an “Uncontested” Divorce and a Contested Divorce? Even if both parties agree that they want a divorce, a divorce cannot be considered “Uncontested” unless both the Husband and the Wife agree on [...]

Richardson Child Support Lawyer – Visitation Rights and Putting Yourself on Child Support

  “The other parent does not let me see the kids. So I’ll put myself on child support, then he/she will be forced to let me see the kids” Unfortunately, I have heard this misconception many times during conversations with [...]

Richardson Child Custody Lawyer – Mistaken Paternity

For years, it was almost impossible to overturn a case of mistaken paternity even if a genetic test clearly indicated that a man was not the father. Fortunately, Texas law now recognizes advances in DNA technology and gives men the [...]