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Interesting Article on “The Secret Power of the Son-in-Law” in keeping marriages together

I friend sent me this article (click here to read the article) about a unique study performed by the National Institutes of Health that suggests the following:

One finding of a 26-year longitudinal study of married couples is that marriages in which the husband reports feeling close to his in-laws are more likely to last for the long haul.

Likewise, the article noted that:

In couples where the husband initially reported being close to his wife’s parents, the risk of divorce over the next 16 years was 20% lower than for the group overall. Yet when the wife reported being close to her in-laws, that seemed to have the opposite effect: The risk of divorce with these couples was 20% higher.

The author of the study suggested that it was thus important for parents of daughters to include their son-in-law in family activities and make him feel like one of the family.  On the flip side, the author suggests that parents of sons love their daughter-in-law, but not try to intrude too much in her parenting or other lifestyle decisions.

I found this article fascinating–especially as the father of a daughter! I’d be interested to hear what you think.  Leave a comment at our Facebook page here.

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