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Interesting Articles on Halloween

In reading articles today on Halloween, I thought I would share a few with you that caught my eye:

The National Retail Federation reports that more than $300 million will be spent this year on Halloween costumes for pets. That number has been increasing dramatically over the past few years. Twenty-two million Americans plan on dressing their dogs up this week for the holiday…Read More

Here’s another article:

What makes trick-or-treaters happy is candy. And more candy is better, right? Well, it turns out that might not actually be the case. A few years ago researchers did a study on Halloween night where some trick-or-treaters were given a candy bar, and others were given the candy bar and a piece of bubble gum. Now, in any rational universe, you would imagine that the kids who got the candy bar and the bubble gum would be happier than the kids who got just the candy bar. George Wolford, a psychologist at Dartmouth College, and his fellow researchers, Amy Doe and Alexander Rupert, found something quite different…Read More

Have a great Halloween from Cook & Gore, Attorneys at Law.

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