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Dallas Immigration Lawyer – Immigration Reform – Part III

Immigration Reform Part III



In this third article in our Immigration Reform Series, we’ll look at what other states are doing in terms of immigration reform. While some states, such as Arizona and Alabama have enacted tough immigration laws that have become quite controversial (see here for more information), other states have proposed much more immigrant-friendly reform bills.

A bill in New York was recently presented which would help provide tuition assistance and other benefits to immigrants who graduate from a U.S. high school and meet certain other requirements. This article explains more about the proposed legislation and its implications–both in terms of dollars and in helping the economy through educating some of the many undocumented immigrants who currently live in the United States.

Likewise, Maryland last year enacted a bill which would force community colleges in Maryland to offer the in-state tuition rate to any undocumented immigrant who could prove residency in the state. This bill is now being put to a public referendum, and the voters of Maryland will be able to vote on whether to proceed forward with this program. This article describes more about this bill.

While the actions of the individual states are important in terms of promoting immigration reform, the ultimate decision will rest with the federal government. In our next (and final) article on this topic of immigration reform, we’ll look at what is being done in Congress to find a solution to immigration reform.

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