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Outrageous Hotel Packages for the Inauguration

Well, the Second Inauguration of President Obama is fast approaching.  While most Americans will likely watch the festivities on TV, for those that want to be there in person, there are hotels lining up to make that dream a reality.  This article from details some of the most outrageously expensive hotel packages available to the rich and famous who wish to attend the inauguration.

Here are some of my favorites:

  • The Madison Hotel – $47,000 Inauguration Package (including a “social media butler” to chronicle your trip on twitter, facebook, instagram, et al.)
  • The Willard Hotel – $49,800 (includes a stay in a Oval shaped suite patterned after the Oval Office)
  • The W Hotel – $50,000 (includes a $100,000 jewelry loaner)
  • The Ritz Carlton – $100,000 (includes a cupcake decoration party at Georgetown Cupcake)
  • Morrison House – $200,000 (includes silk pajamas monogrammed with your initials and the inauguration date)
  • Marriott – $2.7 Million (includes hotel accommodations for 300 of your closest friends and $800,000 worth of food and beverages)

Well, the article is certainly an interesting read.  While I can’t imagine spending that type of cash on that type of “experience,” it must appeal to some people.

Have a good weekend, and enjoy watching the inauguration on Sunday.

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