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Richardson Child Support Lawyer – Visitation Rights and Putting Yourself on Child Support


divorce“The other parent does not let me see the kids. So I’ll put myself on child support, then he/she will be forced to let me see the kids”

Unfortunately, I have heard this misconception many times during conversations with clients. There is this idea that somehow child support and visitation rights are interconnected (i.e. the best way for me to see my child is to pay child support). Nothing could be further from the truth—child support and visitation rights are completely independent. If you are legally obligated to pay child support you certainly should pay; however, how much or how little child support you pay has nothing to do with how much you will see your children.

Generally, if you going to “put yourself on child support” that means that you will be going through the Office of the Attorney General. The main focus of the Office of the Attorney General is child support–not custody or visitation. It is a common misconception among those going through a custody battle that the Attorney General’s representative will help fight for their rights to visition. In fact, federal regulations do not allow the Office of the Attorney General to get in the middle of custody or visitation disputes–their focus is solely on making sure that the child(ren) involved have financial support from the noncustodial parent.

Because of this, most people do not realize that “putting themsleves on child support” will unfortunately not help them gain the visitation rights they so desperately desire. Only by instituting a SAPCR (Suit Affecting the Parent Child Relationship) can a noncustodial parent gain access to greater visitation rights, and many people simply do not realize this fact. Therefore, it is important to seek wise legal counsel to help you assert your rights regarding visitation, child support, and child custody issues.

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