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What You Shouldn’t Leave off your Resume

As this article from the Washington Post’s “On Leadership” blog, many people in today’s economy are mistakenly taking their volunteer work off their resumes in favor of showing more detailed descriptions of their prior paid work experience. ¬†But a recent study performed on 135 recruiters showed that having volunteer experience can be extremely helpful in many situations.

As the article notes:

Interestingly, the results showed that recruiters did not find paid experience to be more attractive than volunteer experience in general. There was no significant difference in how the resumes with nothing but paid jobs compared with those that had only volunteering backgrounds. Still, recruiters most liked to see a combination of both.

So, make sure you keep some space on your resume or CV for your volunteer work–whether it be helping kids at your local church, coaching a little league team, or serving as an unpaid board member of a small non-profit. ¬†Volunteer work can make a difference in your job possibilities!

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