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Client Spotlight - Zip Delivery

Our Client Spotlight this month is on a great business client, Zip Delivery.  Our attorneys at Cook & Gore have represented Zip Delivery for several years now, and we have been so impressed with their service and quality that we use them for our own courier and process serving needs.  

Zip Delivery and its predecessors have been serving the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex for over 23 years, according to Joe Azzaro, the President of this thriving company.  He explains that their business is centered around three main services to clients: 1) Local Courier Service (i.e. making local deliveries in a short time period--typically 1-4 hours); 2) Process Serving; and 3) Warehousing Services.  Whereas most private delivery companies only provide next-day service for deliveries, Zip Delivery specializes in getting letters, packages, and even large items to their destinations very quickly.  As Mr. Azzaro said: “If something needs to be delivered, and they need it in a very short time, we get it done.”  

But even with this focus on fast-delivery, Mr. Azzaro explains that everyone at Zip Delivery is focused on providing a high level of customer care and support.  "We really focus on having a one-on-one approach, which makes us unique from our competitors," Mr. Azzaro noted.  Clients can always track their deliveries or orders online 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Likewise, Zip Delivery offers a unique Rewards Program to their clients that allows clients to earn reward points towards gift cards at www.giftcertificates.com.  These gift cards range from restaurants, to travel, to everyday items, and this program is meant to be a way to say "thank you" to the loyal customers of Zip Delivery.

Some recent success stories that highlight how Zip Delivery servies its clients include some of the following...

a)  Recently a company needed six pallets of products to get from DFW to Georgetown, Texas on a very tight budget.  Zip Delivery coordinated everything for them--from the local Dallas side of the delivery on up to working with another company to get the pallets to Georgetown.  And they even did it so efficiently that the total price was about 50% off the normal price (in relation to other hotshot freight service companies).

b) Just a few weeks ago, one of their clients who runs a small law firm needed a Temporary Restraining Order walked through the Dallas County Courthouse on a Friday afternoon--right before the courts closed.  Not only was Zip Delivery able to get this done on a very short timetable--they also were able to get the Defendant in the case served the next morning so that the TRO would be effective to protect the Plaintiff.  Even on a Saturday, they were committed to providing high-quality service to their client.

c) Every day in DFW Zip Delivery coordinates with local pharmacies and hospitals to delivery medical supplies, medicine, and life-saving medical equipment to people's homes.  Typically these deliveries must be accomplished in a very short amount of time--one to two hours, on average--but Zip Delivery's comprehensive team is able to help these hospitals and pharmacies accomplish their objectives efficiently and effectively.

We hope this Client Spotlight has helped you learn a little more about Zip Delivery.  We are proud to represent this great company, and hope that you will consider using them for your own courier, delivery, process serving, and warehousing needs.  Give them a call at 214-373-1999 for more information.