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Church Bylaws can be incredibly important both in times of crisis (e.g. situations involving the termination of a pastor, termination of a member, employment crisis, etc.) and in helping churches function properly on a day-to-day basis.


The following resources will help you understand some of the basics of Church Bylaws:

  • Why does my church need Bylaws? [Video] [Word]
  • What if my church has a Constitution and Bylaws? [Video] [Word]
  • What are the essential elements we need to have in our Bylaws? [Video] [Word]
  • What should our Bylaws say about Church Membership? [Video] [Word]
  • What should our Bylaws say about the employment relationship with the Senior Pastor? [Video] [Word]
  • What should our Bylaws say about Church Deacons and/or a Board of Directors? [Video] [Word]
  • What should our Bylaws say about Church Finances? [Video] [Word]
  • In a crisis situation (e.g. situations involving the removal of a pastor, termination of membership, etc.) how should we use our Bylaws? [Video] [Word]
  • How often should we review and/or update our Bylaws? [Video] [Word]


If your church needs a good set of Bylaws, we recommend that you use our Sample Church Bylaws (click here).

Note: It is always best to utilize the help of a professional lawyer who can help you draft a robust set of Bylaws, but these Sample Church Bylaws will provide a basic example for churches who are just getting started in the process of updating their Bylaws.