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"Never having needed the services of a law firm before, I was nervous...I was truly grateful, therefore, to find Andrew Gore. Andrew and his excellent staff were not only thorough and professional, they were kind during a stressful time in my life. They patiently answered my questions and took the extra steps necessary to ensure the matter was handled expediently. Their fees were upfront; there were no surprise costs after getting into the midst of the process. It was relief to have someone so capable represent me and my interests and to walk me through the matter. I highly recommend Andrew Gore."
-Teresa H.

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Church Bylaws can be incredibly important both in times of crisis (e.g. situations involving the termination of a pastor, termination of a member, employment crisis, etc.) and in helping churches function properly on a day-to-day basis.


The following resources will help you understand some of the basics of Church Bylaws:

  • Why does my church need Bylaws? [Video] [Word]
  • What if my church has a Constitution and Bylaws? [Video] [Word]
  • What are the essential elements we need to have in our Bylaws? [Video] [Word]
  • What should our Bylaws say about Church Membership? [Video] [Word]
  • What should our Bylaws say about the employment relationship with the Senior Pastor? [Video] [Word]
  • What should our Bylaws say about Church Deacons and/or a Board of Directors? [Video] [Word]
  • What should our Bylaws say about Church Finances? [Video] [Word]
  • In a crisis situation (e.g. situations involving the removal of a pastor, termination of membership, etc.) how should we use our Bylaws? [Video] [Word]
  • How often should we review and/or update our Bylaws? [Video] [Word]


If your church needs a good set of Bylaws, we recommend that you use our Sample Church Bylaws (click here).

Note: It is always best to utilize the help of a professional lawyer who can help you draft a robust set of Bylaws, but these Sample Church Bylaws will provide a basic example for churches who are just getting started in the process of updating their Bylaws.