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"As a single father, it was extremely importmant to me that I have a living trust for my kids. David Cook explained the pros and cons of a living trust and created a trust that worked great for my kids."
- Pankaj K.

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Church Property Issues

One of the biggest areas of concern and liability for a church can be its facilities and vehicles. If not properly maintained and repaired, church property, equipment, and vehicles can become unsafe and create hazards that can lead to major issues.

Below are some helpful articles and videos to help you learn how to better protect your property, equipment and vehicles: 

  • Inspecting church playgrounds - What do I need to do? [VIDEO] [WORD]
  • Inspecting church playgrounds - What to watch for [VIDEO] [WORD]
  • Pre-trip and Post-trip Inspection of Vehicoles - Is this really necessary? [VIDEO] [WORD]
  • Pre-trip and Post-trip Inspection of Vehicoles - What to watch for [VIDEO] [WORD]
  • Vetting and Training Drivers of Church Vehicles [VIDEO] [WORD]
  • Inspecting Church Buildings - What do I need to do? [VIDEO] [WORD]
  • Inspecting Church Buildings - What to watch for [VIDEO] [WORD]


Also, the following links provide helpful guidance to churches on maintaining safe facilities, vehicles and equipment: