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"My husband and I wanted to update our wills after our youngest child entered college. David was able to take care of our needs quickly and efficiently. He even accommodated us when WE made an error regarding the day and time of our appointment to sign the wills. Each client is treated with respect and priority. We highly recommend David Cook!"
- Billie B.

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Church Law Videos

The Videos below provide basic information on a variety of topics relating to church legal issues:

Legal Issue Videos
Bylaws & Church Governance
  • Why does my church need Bylaws?
  • What if my church has a Constitution and Bylaws? 
  • What are the essential elements we need to have in our Bylaws? 
  • What should our Bylaws say about Church Membership?
  • What should our Bylaws say about the employment relationship with the Senior Pastor? 
  • What should our Bylaws say about Church Deacons and/or a Board of Directors? 
  • What should our Bylaws say about Church Finances?
  • In a crisis situation (e.g. situations involving the removal of a pastor, termination of membership, etc.) how should we use our Bylaws?
  • How often should we review and/or update our Bylaws?
 Child Safety


Financial Controls & Best Practices
  • Vetting those who deal with church monies (both paid staff and volunteers)
  • Preventing Fraud and Theft - Utilizing two people any time money is counted
  • Preventing Fraud and Theft - Requiring two signatures on all checks over a certain amount
  • Preventing Fraud and Theft - Immediately stamping all checks "For Deposit Only" and Depositing Cash Immediately
  • Preventing Fraud and Theft - Rotating workers who count collection plate cash
  • Preventing Fraud and Theft - Having a third party reconcile the accounts  
  • Preventing Fraud and Theft - Documenting all purchases with purchase orders (and keeping checks, receipts, statements)
  • Preventing Fraud and Theft - Having someone other than the individual preparing disbursements reconcile check registers to the bank statements regularly
  • Annual Audits - Do we really need an audit?
Church Property & Vehicle Maintenance 
  • Inspecting church playgrounds - What do I need to do?
  • Inspecting church playgrounds - What to watch for 
  • Pre-trip and Post-trip Inspection of Vehicoles - Is this really necessary? 
  • Pre-trip and Post-trip Inspection of Vehicoles - What to watch for 
  • Vetting and Training Drivers of Church Vehicles 
  • Inspecting Church Buildings - What do I need to do? 
  • Inspecting Church Buildings - What to watch for


Please give us a call at 214-886-7633 if you have further questions about Church Law.