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Client Spotlight - Stephanie Bangs
Client Spotlight on Stephanie Bangs, DDS:


Our Client Spotlight this month is on Dr. Stephanie Bangs, a denist in Fort Worth, Texas.  Dr. Bangs has not only been a client of Cook & Gore, but also is a personal friend of both Mr. Cook and Mr. Gore.  

Dr. Bangs has a general dentistry practice, including helping patients with implant restorations, cosmetic dental care, and other general needs.  

As a dentist, Dr. Bangs is not only concerned with the end result, but how her patients' experience is while they are having their procedures performed.  In interviewing Dr. Bangs for this spotlight, this was, in fact, one of the first things she brought up: "My goal is for my patients to know that I truly do care about how they feel about their experience."  As she noted, many patients are reticent to even come to a denist out of a fear of pain, and so she works hard to make sure that each patient is treated as a unique individual.  If the situation is appropriate, Dr. Bangs will work with the patient to provide sedation, nitrous oxide, or other aides to help calm the client and help them feel more at ease about going through their procedures.

Dr. Bangs is my own dentist, and I can certainly attest to her high-quality work.  Stephanie is extremely personable and goes the extra mile in making sure that you understand all of your dental issues fully.  Her business has very much of a family-feel, and provides a warm environment for her patients.  

All in all, we at Cook & Gore highly recommend Dr. Bangs.  She is not only a great client, but a great dentist, and we hope that you will consider using her for your dentistry needs in the future.   Give her a call at 817-457-4481 for more information.

{Written by David Cook}